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Have you ever wanted to take control of your own destiny? Many people want to but just don’t know where to begin. If this is you, we can help!

Together we can prove to you that you are closer than you realize to fulfilling your greatest life achievements. Whether you are looking to create optimal health or create a thriving business, we are here to guide you.

Contact us today, and we can set you on a path to accomplishing your health or financial wellness goals.

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Jackie Policastro a doTERRA Wellness Advocate
Jackie Policastro a doTERRA Wellness Advocate

“I want to share some things about Jenna Ross and her doTERRA Essential Oil business or life. I first met Jenna at a doTERRA event in Orlando through a team member of mine who raved about her. Jenna welcomed us to eat lunch with herself and her team and we did. I am so glad for that chance encounter as I could see how engaged she was with her team and how welcoming everyone was to me. That does not always hold true in the business world but Jenna has a way with people. And how her Team is loved and supported by Jenna. Since that day I consider her my friend. The person I go to even when she has no reason to help or answer my questions or bounce off an idea. Jenna is a natural sharer, has extreme knowledge of doTERRA oils and always is willing to help you in anyway she can. I consider Jenna a rare gem in a world where people don’t take the time to bother with you esp since I am not on her downline. With Jenna it doesn’t matter but if you have a chance to join her team I 100% say you are very lucky. She will always be there to support you as you learn about the oils, include you in her wonderful team events and even let you tag along on Convention, I think Jenna exemplifies what doTERRA means a true “Gift of Life”. Enjoy becoming a Wellness Advocate under Jenna and welcome to the doTERRA family!”

Emily Rupe a doTerra Wellness Advocate.
Emily Rupe, Groomer at Woof Gang Winter Park

“Jenna Ross is truly a force of nature. Her infectious joy and enthusiasm are inspiring. What seemed like just a little retail therapy with essential oils has grown into something far more. Thanks to Jenna’s support and wealth of information, I’ve taken charge of the my own wellness instead of being a helpless victim. She’s given me the tools to strive for something better, appreciation of own unique identity and a wonderful family of support to enjoy this journey to a better life of health and wellness. Thank you Jenna Ross for giving me the strength to take that first step!”