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An Essential Oils Story

I would love to tell you that the first time I heard about essential oils that I was totally on board or that the heavens opened up and a voice said “This is your life purpose.” If I told you that it would be a total lie! Like most people, I too was skeptical about essential oils and their health benefits. My life was already all natural, free of toxins, and I still thought the “power of essential oils” was complete rubbish.

My personal health story began at a really young age with bad skin, digestion issues, pain, suffering, hormonal imbalance, emotional problems, and a laundry list of other things too horrible to mention. To sum it up, I WAS A MESS! The train wreck continued until I found myself stranded in Central Florida without a job, plan, or insurance. I needed HELP!

I was blessed to find resources and people who shared the secret to taking control of my health. I did not just make a few changes I made an entire life change. Changing my eating habits, my personal care products, my cleaning products, and my social environments. After adjusting my habits and surroundings, everything in my life changed. I got better, my body healed and I even became pregnant! My whole world was different, and I thought I had this whole life thing figured out.

During what can only be described as the worst vendor event in the history of mankind, I found myself placed next to the “crazy essential oil ladies” for four straight days. From 7am to 7pm I was forced to listen to these ladies talk about “the power of essential oils” and due to down pour of rain I could not walk, run or hide. I was simply stuck listening to their pitch on essential oils. Needless to say I was not convinced. The second day of the event, I dragged myself in soaked from the rain and exhausted from only having slept a handful of hours. My beautiful and very unhappy baby was up all night trying to force some teeth into his mouth. I looked frazzled and crazy, and I headed to the bathroom to make myself look human before anyone saw me.

When I returned, I saw the teeniest bottle of oil sitting on my table. One of the crazy essential oil ladies smiled and said, “Rub that on your little guy’s feet. It will help him relax, so you can get some sleep”. Just then the spirit of my father rose up in my head and whispered, “Tell that hippie thank you, but do not put that crap on your child!” I smiled and said, “Thank you!” and threw the bottle in my purse thinking I may find it again one day with a $20 bill while I was changing purses.

That night as I rode home with Kevin. He said, “Did anything interesting happen today?” I fished the little bottle out of my purse and smiled. “You see this little bottle?” I said. “This is going to change our life.” We both laughed hysterically.

The Universe has a unique way of making you eat your words. Nearly 4-years later Kevin and I are blessed with an incredibly successful health and wellness business concentrated around essential oils and weekly informational classes.

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Until we meet again remember: If you want to continue to be alive, you must participate in your life everyday!


Jenna and Kevin

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The Oil Couple - Client Testimonial
Face and Body Bar, Winter Springs, FL Spa Owner - Debbie McLaughlin

“As I get older, I’m beginning to think a lot more about the toxins and chemicals all around us and the side effects of pharmaceutical and even over-the-counter drugs. As I learn more about the purity of therapeutic grade essential oils and their efficacy, I’m intrigued and want to continue to learn more. My love for these oils have grown, and I want to share these remarkable plant based essential oils with anyone who will benefit from them.  I am a spa owner and licensed aesthetician and love giving AromaTouch sessions to my clients.  I love to hear their remarks when we’re done….. “I feel like I’ve just come out of Sunday mass”; “I feel relaxed yet invigorated at the same time”; “I’m much happier than when I walked into your spa and my posture is even better”…. the list goes on and on.  Jenna has taught me many things about the oils and the business and is always willing to lend a hand.  She truly wants to help others in finding natural solutions to healthcare, guides and challenges her team to grow to their full potential and helps her team to flourish in their journey to financial freedom.  Jenna has now become a friend, and I am forever grateful for her introducing these remarkable oils to me”.